Mstislav Rostropovich :

“You have nothing yet to learn about the cello.  You have successfully mastered it” 


Sergei Roldugin:

…Fedor is a gifted, wonderous, amazing musician. He has more concerts than many…

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Alexander Knyazev :

I was deeply impressed by Fedor’s performances at all rounds. But the very performance of Haydn concerto We just heard is absolutely outstanding.


Lev Evgrafov :

…Fedor is a real cellist. They don’t make them anymore.


Ekaterina Mechetina:

Fedor is a performer and composer, enthusiastic and silver-tongue, persuasive and able to fill absolutely any Hall!


Yuriy Tkachenko:

Fedor is a musician of rare gift. In 2004, in Japan, he was competing at P.I. International Competition for Young Musicians where he proved himself as one of the best young cellist in the world winning the First Prize and The Gold Medal. I was proud to make some music with him on stage and still remember how bright was Fedor, still remember his wonderous energy which absolutely adored everyone in the Hall. After many years I heard him again, he become mature, gentle, noble musician. He gained all the features of a highest ranking world class performer.  


Alexander Soloviev:

Fedor Amosov is a wonderful professional –  gentle and noble musician, who is able to deal with the hardest and most creative tasks imaginable. Our music making, our working together was real joy for me. I have absolutely no doubt that Fedor will be one of the brightest stars in a modern music world.